Britton's Conjecture
E^2 = (mc^2)^2 = m^2k^4 = m^2i^4j^4

Buddhabrot Logistic map animation

conic section of a higher dimensional projective space

Plant chlorophyll absorbs red and blue wavelength light and reflexes, and/or emits, green wavelength light.

Odd numbers are illusionary.

Britton's Conjecture Mersenne Sequence Graph

Complex Number Logistic Map Bifurcation

The Bicameral Man

Elliptical Universe

Grid of repeating 2 and 3 symbols, same geometric mean, but the numaric values are diffrent depending on quandrant, orintation, and slope of a line.

Quantum Analog In-Memory Compute

c equals escape velocity.

Mandelbulb Foward Zoom, Expansion: Mandelbulb Reverse Zoom, Contraction:
Three Dimensional Electrical Treeing:

Electrical Treeing

Fractal Tree Canopy and Roots:
Tree roots Ying Yang

Four Dimensional Colorized Graph

Autism puzzle piece solution: yellow = x, red = i, blue = j, cyan = y

Four color addative and subtractive color system

Prison cell and hollow earth thought experiments

TetrĂ¡gonometric Coordinate System

The Endless - Time Loop Tent Scene

DeepMind's Gopher was technically correct.

z^4=1/16*y^2/x^2, z^4=1/16*x^2/y^2, z^4=y^2/(1/16*x^2), z^4=x^2/(1/16*y^2), z^16=1

z^4=1/16*y^2/x^2, z^4=1/16*x^2/y^2, z^4=y^2/(1/16*x^2), z^4=x^2/(1/16*y^2), z^16=1

Capcom, we are go for launch.

Aline's Identity

Britton's Identity

Quaternion graph of E=mc^2

You have free will, and a lot of lattatude to do as you will, but are you sure you work here?

Quantum choas has manafested the Lord and one can find eternal enlightment in the Word of the Lord